I was introduced to Architecture through a love for drawing and working with my hands--which both my parents encouraged—and I happened to have a knack for math too so my dad suggested Architecture and I never looked back. While earning my Architecture degree at the University of Virginia, I worked summers as a carpenter and was also given the opportunity to intern at a firm in Dubai.

After graduating I spent two and a half years with the Peace Corps in West Africa, where I designed and built 3 teachers’ homes and a new prototype school for the Country. My interest in green building & design led me to a group of artisans in Colorado, Steeprock Builders, where for 10 years I designed artful “off the grid” homes in the winters, and then helped build those designs in the summers. Steeprock was founded by my mentor and dear friend, Glen Harcourt; I will forever be grateful for his leadership and guidance, especially in showing me how to balance working hard and living life to the fullest! Many wonderful lasting relationships with clients and colleagues came from my time at Steeprock, and I continue to work closely with Justin Stratman of Artisan Builders, designing custom homes and ranch properties in the Telluride, Colorado area.    

After meeting and marrying the love of my life Tashahara--who continues to show me that all things are possible if you believe!--we moved to Naples, Florida in 2008. Mountain style transitioned into beach style when I met Mathew Kragh in the early days of MHK Architecture & Planning, and worked on the firm’s first house on 11th Avenue South. Over the next decade, as Director of Residential Design, it was a joy to help bring the “Olde Florida” roots back to Naples as the firm became synonymous with that iconic style and grew to have additional offices in Florida, the Carolinas, and Colorado.  Mathew also became a good friend and mentor; his creative talent, impeccable integrity, and generosity of spirit have had a big impact in my life.  Seeing the power that faith has in accelerating one’s calling was an inspiration to witness in Mathew’s life and the success of MHK.

In 2019, my wife and I experienced firsthand how your home can make you sick. During a remodel of our personal home, a subcontractor failed to use the correct paint specification which caused the indoor air quality to become toxic. That in turn led to discovering a mold sensitivity and we got an in-depth education on how the two are connected. This experience began our journey on how to overcome their effects in your body and how to create indoor environments that are healing and nurturing.  

Even though the Naples beaches are beyond beautiful, the woods and the change of seasons kept calling. As we searched for a new place to call home, opportunities began to open in the Nashville area and we made the move in 2021. The desire to have my own Architecture firm had always been a dream of mine and with the opportunity for a fresh start and the mission to create healthy beautiful homes, Origin Architecture was born.